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New Year, New Tour Stop - Subway Surfers

(Editor:Caffy 1/21/2015)

    9game provides: Subway Surfers has just received its first update of the year. And as expected, the update introduces a new destination in the popular endless running game’s ongoing World Tour, which began a couple of years ago.

    Subway Surfers’ World Tour has been to: New York City, New York; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Rome, Italy; Sydney, Australia; Tokyo, Japan; Miami, Florida; Paris, France; Beijing, China; Moscow, Russia; New Orleans, Louisiana; London, England; Mumbai, India; Seoul, South Korea; Mexico City, Mexico; São Paulo, Brazil; Los Angeles, California; Cairo, Egypt; and now, Las Vegas, Nevada.

    That’s right. Subway Surfers has made its latest World Tour stop in the so-called entertainment capital of the world, aka Sin City.

    With its new Vegas theme, Subway Surfers, until its next World Tour stop, lets you:

  • Surf beneath the star covered sky and explore the flashy subway

  • Add Rex, the amazing performer, to your character crew

  • Spice up your Board collection with the fancy Roller board

  • Collect shiny Spades in the Weekly Hunts to unlock cool prizes

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