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Subway Surfers – All you need to know about Characters

(Editor:Travis Andrews 8/15/2014)
9game: The most well-liked operating apps while in the internet today is subway surfers. It’s been quite obstinate and it has previously improved its gaming capabilities over the yrs.


Subway Surfers offers regular characters using an Avatar. All characters are concentrated in cartoons and vector graphics.

Today, all Subway Surfers fanatics have several reasons to knockout lesser sleep and more jumping moments with the games all new feature – the Miami Theme.

As the game reached its success over the years, developers added themes such as Mumbai, Paris, Mexico, Beijing, New York, London and a lot more.

This new city theme added also brought the game to the edge of earning big monthly. This game is directly available in Android Phones and Tablets through Google Play Store, iOS for Apple’s iStore and Windows Phone over the internet.


Miami Theme

The latest version of Subway Surfers has reached the point of gaining Google Play Store’s trust in earning a large amount of the collection through its latest feature – the Miami Theme.

This theme is totally new and rejuvenating. It brings forth colorful items exclusively and swaggering Miami.

As of now, game developers have established the release of another character – Olivia. The default character, Jack, will now have a partner. Olivia is an enthusiastic Girl Scout, who is strong enough to face the hindrances and challenges offered by the game. Olivia also wears gorgeous outfits somehow like Jack and is now part of the Vancouver release.

Today, numerous game users love the game as much as they love playing Farmville 2. It is now one of the trending games in Google Play Store and iStore. Users love to take the challenges and hindrances of the game since some of them can relate it to their real life.

Subway Surfers game is considered one of the best games that helps relieve stress to a few game users. It is quite amazing that game developers have come up with this type of game. Check it’s all new features and enjoy playing it.

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