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Subway Surfers – Care to Join the Most Daring Chase?

(Editor:The Fuse Joplin 8/6/2014)

9game: Subway Surfers is the most downloaded and most addictive free game for mobile devices.

These addictive games received more than 250 million hits in app stores, including iTunes and Google Play Store. The game is also very popular when played with the world tour feature, covering various cities all over the world, such as New York, Rome, Sydney, Miami, Moscow, Paris and many others.

Cool Stuff

The game comes with a lot of cool stuff, including game coins and keys. The player can earn lots of game coins and keys when he keeps running through the game. Players can use these game coins for unlocking store items and for accessing other features. Some of the features are also paid ones and can be bought with real money.

Integrating with Social Networking

The best part of Subway Surfers is that you can play the game with your Facebook friends. When a player links the game through Facebook, he can earn 5000 additional coins. While playing with friends, their high scores and coin earnings are also posted by the game, on their Facebook page, so that their friends and family can view the same. They can also earn more coins by beating others with a high score.

Selecting your Runner

The player starts the game, with two characters, who are free, namely, Dark and Trick, a male and a female character respectively. All other characters can be bought, as they play the game, either by collecting specific items or by purchasing the character using keys or coins. The player also has the option of customizing the outfit of the character, using keys.

Special Abilities and Upgrades

Hover boards are additional items, which can be purchased with coins, offering special abilities to players. There are some special hoverboards offering special speed or a jump and help players to surf faster. Hoverboards are also updated along with new city updates. Trophies don’t give any special ability to the player, but the players can get the trophies that are hidden inside the mystery boxes, when they run through the subway.

Upgrades are useful for getting more coins and for obtaining a higher score in the game. They can also help keep the player safe, while he runs. For instance, magnets are able to get more coins easily. Jetpacks and super sneakers also offer extra abilities. The 2x multiplier is able to give higher scores to the player. The duration of these upgrades can also be increased with the use of coins.

Using Powerups

Powerups can be used for getting more coins and for increasing scores. For instance, the Mystery box can give players jackpot coins and keys along with score boosters and items for unlocking characters and so on. If players want to boost their scores, they can use the 5x boosters. These can also be bought at the store with game coins. A Mega Headstart powerup allows the player to start running without problems for some meters, but players cannot get coins when using this upgrade. Players can also get a score boost or some gift items when they skip missions, but, it costs them, coins for every turn.

Latest Features

Some of the latest cool features to the game are that the game world tour now goes to Hollywood, where players can explore fantastic movie settings in Los Angeles. They can join amazing events conducted in the Subway every day. There are also some cool new outfits available for customizing the cast. You can now take Wayne for a ride in the Cruiser board. Swipe acrobatics have become lightning fast and the chase has become even more daring with HD optimized graphics.

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