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"Subway Surfers" 1-15 and content related tasks tips

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"Subway Surfers" 1-15 and content related tasks tips
Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games in 9game. Many players are seeking for help and look around for ways to score more. In this article, I would share you with Subway Surfers features, tips. If you are looking for some similar game, you can click Subway Surfers features.

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A, "subway surfers" About the game
 Make every effort to sprint!
Avoid the oncoming train!
Help Advanced, skilful and inexperienced new players avoid grumpy bulldog inspectors and inspection.
This is the "subway Surfers".
Parkour game surely we all already know, the game is also very simple method. In the "Subway Surfers subway Surfers" We designed the upgrade tasks, did not complete the task level, the distance between multiple points and run the greater. Here to tell you about the content of the game 1-30 tasks.
Two, "subway surfers" upgrade task content and the Tips:

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1 Upgrade 2
1: Collect 500 coins 500 left to collect 500 gold coins.
2: Score 1000 points in single run 1000 left one run to reach 1,000 points.
3: Pickup 2 powerups 2 left to pick up the two elastic shoes.
2 Upgrade 3
1:. Collect 200 coins in a one run.200 left one run, collected 200 gold coins.
2: Jump 20 times 20 left running during the jump 20 times.
3: pick up 2 super sneakars 2left picked up two elastic shoes.
3 Upgrade 4
1: Get 2 character tokens 2 left to pick up the two letters.
2: Roll 30 times in total 30 left running during roll number has risen to 30 times.

Download Subways Surfers for free via 9game.
3: Spend 2000 coins 2000 left to spend 2000 gold coins.
4 Upgrade 5
1:. Complete 1 daily challenge 1 left to complete a daily task.
2:. Dodge 20 barriers 20 left  running process, avoid over 20 fences.
3: Score 6000 point in single run 6000 left one run over 6000 points.
5 Upgrade 6
1: Collect 2500 coins 2500 left to collect 2500 coins.
2: Jump 30 times in one run 30 left during one run, jump 30 times.
3:. Buy 1 mystery box 1 left to buy a mysterious box (in the store, 500 yuan a).
6 Upgrade 7
1: Use 1 Hover board 1 left using a slide (slide plate can be purchased directly, or by opening the mysterious box to get the running process, click twice on the screen can be used)
2: Pick up 5 coinmagnets 5 left picked up five magnets (can smoke the kind of gold).
3: Stumble into 4 barriers 4 left met four times fence. (Skip the fence is touched only tripped, but you can continue running. Every encounter, the police just come back.)
7 Upgrade 8
1: Pickup 2 Jetpacks 2 left running during pick up two jetpack.
2:. Beat 1 friend 1 left and a friend networking game (you do not want the Internet to complete the task can be purchased directly at the shop inside.
3: Use 1 Headstart 1 left using a jet flight.
8 Upgrade 9
1:. Bump in to 8 trains in one run 8left  one run, hit eight times during the train (every hit with the kind of police has come).
2:. Get 40 coins with Magent magnets collected 40 gold coins
3: Get caught in 10 second within 10 seconds of being caught by the police. (Outset train hit the left or right on the line


Download Subways Surfers for free via 9game.
9 Upgrade 10
1: Use 1 Hoverboard without crashing 1 lfet the running process once skateboard and did not encounter anything (suggestion to start out with slide).
2:. Pickup 2 mystery boxes 2 left  picked up during running even a box (which is the case with the question mark). Note: Complete daily mission to get the box is not.
3:. Roll 30 times in a single run 30 left in one run, roll number has risen to 30 times. (Remember, a single-oh)
10 upgrade 11
1: Score 20000 points in single run 20000 left one run to get 20,000 points or more (not too smart shoes can buy a few more skate).
2:. Pickup 12 powerups 12 left  literally is a collection of 12 elastic shoes. But I found that shoes should be worn elastic jump 12 times.
3: Jump over 2 trains 2 left to skip the train twice. (Refer to jump skip is on the ground, but also on the ground floor, this calculation is skipped once. When wearing elastic shoe is relatively simple, but I found that the train can be considered a lateral skip skip, so, in fact, very simple)
11 upgrade 12

Download Subways Surfers for free via 9game.
1: Score 4000 points without collecting coins 4000 left refers to the running process does not eat gold, get 4000 points, it goes without saying props basically impossible, it is recommended to buy a jet acceleration, the red one thing. Click start, flying past 4000 points.
2: Roll 50 times in center lane 50 left the running process, in the middle of the runway roll 50 times (cumulative).
3 Collect 5000 coins. 5000 left. Collect 5000 coins can be accumulated.
12 upgrade 13
1 twice daily tasks to complete, spell a word it is, you do not want time-consuming can also use gold coins to buy directly in the past.
2. Drill 40 railings at the end, is also very simple.
3. The total of five times to pick up the shoes.
13 upgrade 14
1 Bump 2 bushes. Hit twice bushes.
2 Pickup 160 coins with a Magnet. Eat 160 coins with a magnet.

Download Subways Surfers for free via 9game.
3 Pick up 2 Magnets in on run. Picked up twice a magnet in one inning. .
14 upgrade 15
1 Pickup 4 Mystery boxes. Cumulative picked up four mysterious boxes.
2 Roll 40 times in a single run. Tumbling 40 times on a track (complete within a game)
3 Collect 400 coins in a one run. Eat 400 coins in one inning.
15 upgrade 16
1: Score 100000 points 100000 left obtain a total of 100,000 points.
2: Pick up 5 Jetpacks 5 left picked up five jetpack.
3 bump into 12 lightsignals;. 12 left column hit 12 traffic lights
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