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(Editor:Shing 7/26/2015)

Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games in 9game. Many players are seeking for help and look around for ways to score more. So waht makes Subway Surfers popular? Some  tips is listed below. But I think the best way to figure out it is play this game. If you are looking for some similar game, you can click here.

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  • If you think that you need more coins then you can shell out some money from your own pocket using your credit card and use those coins for getting more power-ups which can help you unlock more characters and add-ons which can be useful for the gameplay.

  • If you have got multiplier 30 then go ahead and complete the extra missions for a mystery surprise. You can easily achieve x30 by daily playing.

  • You can purchase hoverboards from the store by paying up coins. When you running for a long time and you think you are going to die in no time, then just call in the Hoverboard by tapping twice on the screen and you will get hoverboard activated and now when you crash anywhere you will be given a new life. By this method you are saving the keys which can be used when no coins are left.

  • Make sure you spend most of the time over the trains so that you are minimizing the chances of getting hit by trains.

  • Increase the limit of the power-ups so that they have longer validity time. This can be done in store by paying the coins. I would personally suggest you to upgrade the magnet and jetpack as these are the best power-ups which will fetch you more coins.

  • You have to complete the daily challenges which are given my Kiloo, because this will increase your earnings.

Available free on 9gameSubway Surfers is a game you should install today. 

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