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Four useful tips in Subway Surfers

(Editor:Shing 7/25/2015)
Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games in 9game. Many players are seeking for help and look around for ways to score more. So waht makes Subway Surfers popular? Some  tips is listed below. But I think the best way to figure out it is play this game. If you are looking for some similar game, you can click here.

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Run Backwards

According to Subway Surfers' wikia, this is one of the funny glitches that allow the character to run backward. As a first step, players need to get a Mega Headstart from the Mystery Box. This item can also be purchased. When players have the Mega Headstart, they can start playing. But they have to ensure they die within a few seconds of play. Right in the very moment before death, click on the headstart to activate it. The character should fly backward if the trick is done right. This is one of the hardest tricks so players might need practice to perfect this.

Jump High

This trick uses a glitch allowing a player to jump high using a jetpack. Jumping at the right moment is key to attain the boost. Players need a jetpack for this trick to work. After collecting the last coin, players need to swipe as quickly as possible as the jetpack is running out of fuel. This will make the character jump in mid air. If done right, this will allow the character to land right on top of the train.

Get Free Board

This trick helps the player to get the Miami Special Board for free. To get the board free of cost, the player should navigate to the device settings and change the date to May 30, 2013. Once the change is set, open the Boards Section to see the new Miami Special Board. Since this is a glitch, there is a chance that you might not get it right in the first attempt, so try one more time.

Avoid Death

To use this trick, the player should standstill without moving even when bumping into an obstacle. Until the character moves to another lane, you have to stand still. To activate, the player should swipe in any direction to keep moving when there is an obstacle in front of the character and a train in the other side. Before death, the player should veer toward the side of the train all of a sudden. This is the hardest trick to activate which does not always work. The perfect timing matters.

Available free on 9gameSubway Surfers is a game you should install today. 

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