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(Editor:Abbey 7/24/2015)

Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games in 9game. Many players are seeking for help and look around for ways to score more. So waht makes Subway Surfers popular? Some  tips is listed below. But I think the best way to figure out it is play this game. If you are looking for some similar game, you can click here.

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Don’t waste your coins!

In order to buy additional characters and hoverboards, you will spend a lot of coins. However, the additional characters and hoverboards are only cosmetic, so we suggest you to not waste the coins on them. Instead, we suggest you to use the coins for power up upgrades and boosts.

Staying on top of the trains

Soon after playing this game, you will notice that some of the trains from this game are moving towards you. Sometimes, you will have to dodge them to by going to the right or to the left but sometimes you will find out that you are in the trapped between two trains and in front of you is another obstacle, you will most likely die. This is why you will want to stay on the top of the train for as much as you can. By staying on the trains, you will also be able to see all the upcoming obstacles and you will be able to be prepared for them.

Complete the daily challenges and missions

Missions come with different objectives such as jumper a number of times, collect coins etc. You will get rewards and other boosts by completing them. In case you’re stuck in an objective, you can skip them by using real money. However, it is quite expensive to buy a skip, so we don’t advice you to do this. You should do daily challenges, as you will get a good amount of coins. In case you manage to do them consecutively, the coin bonus will become even bigger.

Hoverboard should be used only for emergency

You should use the hoverboard when you are 100% sure that you will die if you don’t use it. To activate the hoverboard you will need to double tap on the screen. Keep in mind that the hoverboard will last only for a limited amount of time and if you will get hit, you will lose it. However, if you get hit while on the hoverboard, you will not die, but, unfortunately you will lose the hoverboard. A pack of 3 hoverboards costs 300 coins, which is not that expensive.

Completing Awards

Awards are like achievements and you can check them out in the “me” section from the main menu. Each award will give you an amount of keys, so you should try to do as many as possible. Using the keys, you will be able to unlock stuff from the store.

Available free on 9gameSubway Surfers is a game you should install today. 

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