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Subway Surfers is one of the most downloaded games in 9game. Many players are seeking for help and look around for ways to score more. So waht makes Subway Surfers popular? Something about gameplay listed below. But I think the best way to figure out it is play this game. If you are looking for some similar game, you can click here.

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Game Play and Characters

As a player, your character is a law breaker. Your objective is to run away from the cops through an endless world. There will be obstacles along the way, which will be required to dodge, duck or jump over advancing trains. You sporadically jump over objects, surf overboard and much more.

There are different Subway Surfers characters and all use an avatar. One popular character is Jake, who welcomes new players to the game.

As a newcomer, you will have several characters that you can choose to use. However, you have to unlock them, to be able to use them. One of the ways of unlocking the characters involves gathering character attributes when playing. The other way of unlocking characters is by using virtual currency. Virtual currencies are either blue keys or gold coins. As a newbie player, you should note that while there are many gold coins, there are limited blue keys. Therefore, whatever keys you decide to use, use them wisely.

Update of the World Tour

This is a very interesting update made on Subway Surfers. Each time Subway Surfers is played, the player can choose a new city via the settings segment. Each City has a different theme and these themes determine the treasure hunts. When you are successful in your treasure hunt, you get certain bonuses. The cities have the same outlook as the real City. For example, if you choose Sao Paulo, you will have the typical banana hover board, treasure hunts based on soccer and a soccer player from Brazil.

Available free on 9game, Subway Surfers is a game you should install today. 


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