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What attract players in Subway Surfers

(Editor:Nemo 7/17/2015)

Subway Surfers is everywhere. You can addictive to it easily. However, there are many kinds of endless running game, such as Temple Run. Why is it popular? Let us have a look at why this game attracts players. You can download it on 9game easily and have a nice try!

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The Characters

Subway Surfers unleashes many characters every time. Which game will give you as many as 44 characters at one go? In addition to that, it keeps bringing in more characters that are new and fascinating to help you survive the game without losing interest. You just have to keep playing, earning coins and boosters, and do everything that can enhance your life and energy.

The Controls

Control is the simplest part in Subway Surfer. Jake keeps running; all you need is to just tap left to move left, tap right to pull Jake to the right side of the road, swipe up to jump up, swipe down to bend, bump into the coins to get them, grab the jet pack or hover board by running through them.

The Vibrations, Acoustic and Graphic effects

Subway Surfers has the most interesting 3D effect that draws people to download this game without any second thought. Every time you earn a coin, get on a hover board or fly with a jetpack, your hands feel that vibration and make you think you are in the race!

If you do not play Subway Surfers, download it on 9game and play at least one time. Once you download, you will be completely addicted to it. 

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